Course Description

The Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd and Gravel Smasher races are held at Eagle Bluff Resort located at 9800 HWY 10 northeast of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

The loop course outlines the J.T. Nickel Family Nature and Wildlife Preserve and includes 26 miles of gravel country road and approximately five miles of paved road. The course contains several rolling hills and few not-so-rolling hills. (See the History section for a better definition of the race directors reasoning for the "relatively flat" definition.) The course is surrounded by trees, pastures and prairies. The leaves are usually beginning their massive production of fall colors.

The aid station volunteers are simply outstanding. All are staffed with ultra-runners and "professional" volunteers. Many aid stations are manned by race directors and small business owners. They really know how to make runners and gravelers feel special.

Start & Finish Area

The start and finish line for the Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd and Gravel Smasher is on the Eagle Bluff Resort. Driving directions to the start/finish area at Eagle Bluff Resort can be found on Google maps by clicking here.

Camp sites at Eagle Bluff must be reserved and paid directly with Eagle Bluff by calling (918) 456-3031.

Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd runners will start at the Start/Finish Line arch by the river. They will run alongside Highway 10 until they reach New Combs Bridge. After each lap, 100K and 100M runners will return to the Start/Finish line arch to check in and prepare for their next loop.

Packet pickup for the Gravel Smasher is near the Eagle Bluff store in the upper parking lot. Parking for the Gravel Smashers is available just north of the start area. Follow signs and volunteer directions.

The 60 and 70 mile Gravel Smashers do not return to the Start line between loops, instead they will head north on N 569 Rd at the Y. Watch for signs.

Gravel Smashers will ride past the Eagle Bluff store to finish at the Start/Finish Line arch by the river. Follow the orange line on the map.

Run Course Map

The Pumpkin Holler course is a 30 mile loop. 100 mile runners will run this loop three times, 100K runners twice and the 50K runners only get to see this beautiful course once. Each distance has an out-and-back spur through the middle of Nickel Preserve. Runners only run this spur on the first loop.

10ish mile runners turn around at the Mad Dog aid station. Note that some people claim the 10 mile course is a little long. They are not wrong. It's closer to 11.2 miles, but there is no extra charge.

25K mile runners turn around at the Dem Idiots aid station.

Course Elevation Gain

100 Mile course 5,771 ft
100 K course 3,553 ft
50 K course 1,742 ft
25 K course 1,007 ft
10+ mile course 666 ft

Interactive Maps

Great Gourd Challenge

Don’t ignore the Great Gourd Challenge this year. The GGC is an extra 1-mile out-and-back that gets you nifty bonus swag. This challenge is just past the East of Eden aid station (the fifth aid station you encounter on the course). The turn-off will be clearly marked.

The Great Gourd Challenge is open to 100 mile, 100K, and 50K runners but you must complete it on your first lap. Just think – when was the last time you ran 101 miles and got bonus swag?

Gravel Smasher Course Map

The Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher route is a challenging 30 mile multi-loop course. The 30 miler is our shortest, but don't let it fool you as there is plenty of climbing on this course. It is a challenge no matter your fitness level!

30-mile cyclists will only ride this loop one time, so soak in the scenery the first time. The 60-mile smashers will do two loops. For those taking the 70-mile challenge you will take a 10 mile out-and-back across J.T Nickel Preserve on your first loop. This "it's just another 10 miles" section is by far the most challenging section.

The Gravel Smasher has a rolling start from the start/finish area to a safe location on the gravel roads.

Be aware of traffic when returning to the start finish line. Stay on the grass/gravel to the side of Highway 10 and watch for traffic near Eagle Bluff Resort.

The 1-mile rolling start and a short section in the middle of your ride are the only pavement on the course.

Watch for signs and/or volunteers as you approach mile 29 of the course. 30-mile smashers will turn left on E 690 Rd to the finish line. The 60 and 70-mile smashers will turn right on E690 Rd to ride their second lap. Turn left after your second loop. Note that runners return to the finish line between laps, but gravel smashers do not. We don't want you riding on the highway any more than necessary.

Downloadable maps are available on RideWithGPS using these links:

Elevation Profile

It’s all relative. This is the course elevation of the 100 mile race. As you can see--the course is relatively flat. Take out the 6-8 nasty hills, and it's a pancake. :-) Seriously, the hill at mile 4.5 is a bitch. The hills around 13-15 are decent but do not seem as bad. The hills at mile 25-28 are doozies. All of the hills are longer and steeper on the second time around. They are off the charts for those doing three loops. For those who feel like dying on their last loop, we do have a local cemetery on the course.

The relatively flat 2017 Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd course elevation

Aid Stations

At Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd aid stations are much more than water and food along the side of the road. Each of our aid stations have developed a unique personality. In many cases our aid stations create memories for a life time. All aid stations are staffed with the best and most-friendly people you could ever meet. Most are ultra-runners and race directors and look forward to giving back to the running community at PHH.

Aid stations are located every 4 to 6 miles and stocked with water, Gatorde, and a variety of foods.

Some aid stations will include drop-bag support or crew access so you can have your preferred supplies and supportive friends nearby.

Aid station locations and driving directions can be found by clicking on the names below.

Aid Station Details

Aid Station From Start/Finish
(50K Course)
To Next Aid Station Crew Access Drop Bags Last Lap Cutoff
Start/Finish 0 5.6 Yes Yes 6:00am
Mad Dog 5.6 2.4
Dem Country Outlaw Idiots 8 3.3
Savannah Corner 11.3 4.3 Yes Yes 8:00am
Waffle Stop 14.7 5.5 / 2.6 First loop only. Your milage may vary - see below.
100 Mile turn-around 19.5 5.5 First loop only. 100 mile runners turn-around here.
East of Eden 17.1 4.3
Hard Up Ahead 21.4 3.1 Yes Yes 11:15am
Bathtub Rocks 24.5 2.9
Last Gasp 27.4 3.8
Start/Finish 31.2 Yes Yes 2:00pm
  • All runners 3.25M to Waffle Stop then 2.6M to East of Eden.
  • 50 K-ers take Nickel Preserve out-and-back .75 mile to Waffle Stop to add 1.5 miles.
  • 100 K-ers take Nickel Preserve out-and-back 1.6 miles to porta-potty to add 3.2 miles.
  • 100 Milers take Nickel Preserve out-and-back 5.5 miles to the 100 Mile Turn-around Aid Station to add 11 miles.

Crew Access Points

Crew access is provided at three locations along the course – 'Savannah Corner, Hard Up Ahead, and the Start/Finish area. The Crew Access Map shows the preferred route to these aid stations. Crew is not allowed to drive on the course for safety of the runners. The designated crew route provides faster routes to the aid stations since most of these roads are paved. Crew driving on the course will result in your runner being disqualified. Go ahead and take your runner back to the start/finish.


Our aid stations are manned by the best volunteers in the area. Most are trail and ultra-runners themselves and anticipate your every need - even before you know you need it.

Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd wouldn't be possible without the help of great volunteers. Sign up for a shift at our registration website. Don't worry if you are new to the volunteer scene. You'll be working alongside and learning from the best of the best.

We have shifts available Thursday through Sunday. We have shifts that are good for families. We have shifts for people looking for a free cross-fit workout. We have shifts that are good for sitting in the woods to ponder the meaning of life.


Open Course

It is the runners’ and riders’ responsibility to follow the rules of the road.

Pumpkin Holler is held on country roads that remain open for neighbors, farmers, and visitors. Many roads are narrow with no shoulders and there are several blind corners. Farm trucks, ATVs, and cars travel rapidly on these roads.

Runners and pacers should stay on the left side of the road, facing oncoming traffic.

Cyclists should stay on the right side of the road, traveling with traffic. No more than two abreast to allow cars to pass safely. Use caution when cresting hills and on corners.

Neighbors are aware of the race and have been told that a polite 'beep' of their horn may be needed to get your attention. Please show them respect and the courtesy of moving over so we can get invited back again next year.

Illinois River viewed from the former Combs Bridge

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Ready to finish the 50K after leaving Bathtub Rocks

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Its rest time at Bathtub Rocks

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2012 Pumpkin Holler 50K by Brian Desmarais

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Concierge Service available at most aid stations, including Bathtub Rocks

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Jason & Blake Bement know how to run a race.

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Mr. Arnold Begay--100-mile finisher

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The bridge formerly known as Combs Bridge

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