Gravel Smasher Information

You asked for it and you got it!

The Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher is held alongside the Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd 100-mile running race. The fun and unique aspect of this race is the Gravel Smasher shares the road with the 100 mile runners as they are finishing thier final loop.

The Pumpkin Holler Smasher is held at Eagle Bluff Resort located at 9800 HWY 10 northeast of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

The Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher is an introductory course into gravel riding. This is the ride for you if it is your first endurance gravel event or an experienced gravel smasher. This ride is all about the fun and challenge of just finishing. Aid stations every 4-6 miles will provide just what you nee to finish this race!

Gravel Smasher shirts will be provided on a first-registered basis. Shirts are limited so sign up early to insure you get one. Everyone who makes the cut-off of 2:00pm and crosses the finish line will get a finishers' award.

Finish line activities include campfires, food, ample aid station supplies, music, and spontaneous dance parties.

Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd runners will be on the course during the Gravel Smasher. They may not be perfectly sane after 24+ hours of running. Cheer them on with yells, chants, and other encouragement.


Key times for the Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher race are:

  • Sunday, Oct 20th
    • 7:00am – On-site Registration (cash or check only) & Packet Pickup
    • 8:00am – Gravel Smasher (Rolling) Start
    • 2:00pm – Cut-off for all Runners and Cyclists

Gravel Smasher Course Map

The Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher route is a challenging 30 mile multi-loop course. The 30 miler is our shortest, but don't let it fool you as there is plenty of climbing on this course. It is a challenge no matter your fitness level!

30-mile cyclists will only ride this loop one time, so soak in the scenery the first time. The 60-mile smashers will do two loops. For those taking the 70-mile challenge you will take a 10 mile out-and-back across J.T Nickel Preserve on your first loop. This "it's just another 10 miles" section is by far the most challenging section.

The Gravel Smasher has a rolling start from the start/finish area to a safe location on the gravel roads.

Be aware of traffic when returning to the start finish line. Stay on the grass/gravel to the side of Highway 10 and watch for traffic near Eagle Bluff Resort.

The 1-mile rolling start and a short section in the middle of your ride are the only pavement on the course.

Watch for signs and/or volunteers as you approach mile 29 of the course. 30-mile smashers will turn left on E 690 Rd to the finish line. The 60 and 70-mile smashers will turn right on E690 Rd to ride their second lap. Turn left after your second loop. Note that runners return to the finish line between laps, but gravel smashers do not. We don't want you riding on the highway any more than necessary.

Downloadable maps are available on RideWithGPS using these links:


The Gravel Smasher awards ceremony will be at 2:00pm. Gravel Smasher awards will be given for:

  • Finisher awards to anyone who makes the 2:00pm cut-off and crosses the finish line
  • Top 3 Men
  • Top 3 Women

On Course Support

Aid Stations are available every 8-10 miles on the course. The aid stations will have water, Gatorade, and grab-and-go food available. You will also have a chance to sample "endurance" runner food (aka - "wow! I can't believe this food spread" food).

Three aid stations are designated for the Gravel Smasher and will be open for the last Smasher. These stations will have “Bike Aid” signs so you know when to stop.

The other aid stations will be open for the last runner but some will close before all Smashers are complete.

Most aid stations will be located on the left side of the road for runners. Please use caution as you approach the aid stations. There will be runners, volunteers, and vehicles on the course. Please dismount and walk your bike across the road to the aid station.

The course intersections are marked (yes, we heard your feedback from 2019). Maps and GPX files are available to assist with navigation on the course page.

If you must, the aid-stations are your "I gave it my all" spots. You may have to walk your bike a few miles to the nearest aid station. There will be at least one support vehicle on the course, primarily for bail-out rides to the start line.

Gravel Smashers are welcome to bring family and friends for support. However, this support can only be provided at the “crew” locations described in the course description. You will be disqualified if any of your crew, friends, or family decide to drive on the course.

Start & Finish Area

The start and finish line for the Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd and Gravel Smasher is on the Eagle Bluff Resort. Driving directions to the start/finish area at Eagle Bluff Resort can be found on Google maps by clicking here.

The roads in and out of Eagle Bluff will be in use by the 100 Mile runners so we ask our gravel friends to be cautious driving and riding in and around the resort. We want vehicles to stay off the main path in the lower campground for the runners.

Camp sites at Eagle Bluff must be reserved and paid directly with Eagle Bluff by calling (918) 456-3031.

Packet pickup for the Gravel Smasher is near the Eagle Bluff store and the shower facility in the upper parking lot starting at 6:30am. Parking for the Gravel Smashers is available just north of the start area. Follow signs and volunteer directions.

The 60 and 70 mile Gravel Smashers do not return to the Start line, instead they will head north on N 569 Rd at the Y. Watch for signs and follow volunteer directions.

Gravel Smashers will finish at the Start/Finish Line arch by the river. Follow the orange line on the map. Please use caution as you approach Highway 10 imediately after the bridge. Highway 10 is open to traffic.

Rolling Start

The Gravel Smasher has a rolling start from the upper parking lot to a safe location on the gravel roads. A volunteer will escort smashers onto Highway 10, across the bridge, and to a safe point on E 690 Rd. Do not pass the escort vehicle until the driver has given the secret signal (most likely, waving an orange flag and a cowbell).

Gravel Smashing Rules

We want your experience at the Pumpkin Holler Gravel Smasher to be the best possible. For your safety, the safety of others and to ensure we can continue this event we have a few rules to follow.

  • Rule #1 - Leave No Trash On The Course. If you bring it in, you must take it out. There are trash cans at every aid station and roving support vehicles. Anyone caught littering will be disqualified. Anyone. This entire course is on county roads along the banks of the scenic Illinois River and the perimeter of the Nickel Preserve. We do not want to jeopardize our ability to utilize this area. Littering includes gel tear-off tabs, banana peels, candy wrappers and other trash (organic or not).
  • Rule #2 - Appreciate the volunteers. Many volunteers were up before you preparing for the day. Many will stay out longer cleaning up. Most will do both. Rude or disrespectful behavior towards a volunteer, staff or race director will get you disqualified.
  • Rule #3 – No short-cuts. If you find yourself off course return to the last location you know you were on the course and continue on. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. We don't charge extra for bonus miles, but you don't get credit either.
  • Rule #4 - Have fun!

Additional Rules

  • Race bib/number must be worn on the front of your shirt or bike and must be visible at all times.
  • Gravel smashers are responsible for the actions of their support crew and must convey these rules - and penaties - to their team.
  • Gravel smashers receiving aid from crews outside of the designated crew access points are subject to disqualification.
  • Gravel smashers accepting a ride for any reason are deemed out of the race and may not re-enter the course.
  • Stashing supplies along the course is forbidden.
  • Any gravel smasher dropping out must immediately notify the nearest aid station captain or race management at the start/finish area.
  • Medical personnel, race directors, and aid station captains have the right to pull a gravel smasher if they feel they may be a danger to himself/herself or others.
  • All gravel smashers and crew will abide by the directions of race management.
  • Violations of any rule will be grounds for disqualification.
  • All decisions of race management are final.

Crew Rules

  • All cyclist rules also apply to crew.
  • Crew race support is allowed at three designated crew-access points:
    • Start/Finish
    • Savannah Corner
    • Hard Up Ahead
  • The preferred driving route to each approved-access aid station is available on the Course page.
  • Crew vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering the course, unless there is a medical emergency.
  • Crew members must stay within 100 yards of the designated crew-access aid stations while providing physical support. Outside of 100 yards they must follow the Pacer Rules including the one-pacer rule.
  • Crew members must not interfere with other race participants.
  • Cyclists are responsible for the actions of their pacers and crews. Crew member violations of rules may result in disqualification of the Cyclist(s).