This Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd aid station is great place for a quick snack, long-distance advice, or great fellowship. Savannah Corner is a popular crew access point with mullet style support – business up front and party in the back. Lights, music, and can-crush contests let runners know they are approaching a turning point in their race.

Specialties: All male dance troupe

Drop Bag: Absolutely!!

Google Maps Location

Milage chart for Savannah Corner

Savannah Corner is a Crew Access Point.

From the start/finish line: North on Highway 10 for 9.7 miles. Right on N604 Rd for 1.2 miles. Slight left onto E 648 Rd / Chewy Rd for 1.7 miles. Right on Proctor Rd (N4625 Rd) for 2.9 miles. Right Kirk Springs Hollow Rd (E675 Rd) for .2 miles.

Google Maps Driving Directions

Driving route from start/finish area to the Savannah Corner aid station