Our aid stations are manned by the best volunteers in the area. Most are trail and ultra-runners themselves and anticipate your every need - even before you know you need it.

Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd wouldn't be possible without the help of great volunteers. Sign up for a shift at our registration website. Don't worry if you are new to the volunteer scene. You'll be working alongside and learning from the best of the best.

We have shifts available Friday through Sunday. We have shifts that are good for families. We have shifts for people looking for a free cross-fit workout. We have shifts that are good for sitting in the woods to ponder the meaning of life.


At the Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd, aid stations are much more than water and food along the side of the trail. Each of our aid stations have developed a unique personality. In many cases our aid stations create memories for a life time. All aid stations are staffed with the best and most-friendly people you could ever meet. Most are ultra-runners and race directors and look forward to giving back to the running community at PHH.

Aid stations are located every 4 to 6 miles and stocked with water, Gatorde, and a variety of foods.

Some aid stations will include drop-bag support or crew access so you can have your preferred supplies and supportive friends nearby.

Aid station locations and driving directions can be found by clicking on the names below.

Aid Station Details

Aid Station From Start/Finish To Next Aid Station Crew Access Drop Bags Last Lap Cutoff
Start/Finish 0 5.6 Yes Yes 6:00am
Mad Dog 5.6 2.4
Dem Country Outlaw Idiots 8 3.3
Savannah Corner 11.3 4.3 Yes Yes 8:00am
Out & Back Waffle Stop Your milage may vary. 3.25M to Waffle Stop then 2.6M to East of Eden.
East of Eden 15.6 4.3
Hard Up Ahead 19.9 3.1 Yes Yes 11:15am
Bathtub Rocks 23.0 2.9
Last Gasp 25.9 3.8
Start/Finish 29.7 Yes Yes 2:00pm
  • 100 Milers take Nature Center Out and Back 5.5 miles to Sasquatch Aid Station to add 11 miles.
  • 100 K-ers take Nature Center Out and Back 1.6 miles to porta-potty to add 3.2 miles.
  • 50 K-ers take Nature Center Out and Back .75 mile to Waffle Stop to add 1.5 miles.

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Concierge Service available at most aid stations, including Bathtub Rocks

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You never know what you will see in the woods at Pumpkin Holler

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